Tell us about your project

You're planning to build a new data center? You need to improve the efficiency of the infrastructure in your existing data center? Your individual needs are met at NDC. We handle new data center construction from the ground up, or modernize existing data centers. All solutions come with attractive and flexible financing options.


The goal of Nixdorf Data Center is to offer building, operation or expansion of data centers to companies, institutions, colocation, cloud and other data center service providers easily, fast, cheap, sustainable, flexible in usage and without risk. For the constant growth of demand for IT performance we build green, cutting-edge and highly efficient data centers with simple, risk free and stress free project management.

Our sustainable company philosophy

NDC follows an integral and sustainable company philosophy. One core principle is investing according to a multiple bottom line: we invest in people, profit and planet. Based on this guideline we want to build the data centers for the future together with our employees and partners.