The general contractor for data center construction and efficiency optimization

The Nixdorf Data Center GmbH, Munich is a data center innovator providing cutting-edge, comprehensive solutions and business models for the data centers of tomorrow. We act as a general contractor for our clients, taking on several roles. The cornerstones of our expertise include flexible financing models for individual client needs, data center technologies, construction, energy sourcing and efficiency, as well as energy and infrastructure management.

Award winning cooling for data centers allows for higher power density


Our patented cooling technology uses water to transport heat from the whitespace to the cooling source. Once its temperature is reduced, the water is fed back into the system. Our cooling technology at a glance:


  • Proprietary water cooling
  • Heat absorption directly at the rack
  • Heat dissipation through heat exchange doors
  • No additional ventilation elements and cooling components in the whitespace
  • Operation without mechanical cooling possible though use of cooling units
  • Use of industry-standard components

Simple and compact design


Nixdorf Data Centers stand out due to their compact design, large range of rack placement options and extended operating conditions. Our licensed eCube technology reduces the space and volume requirements of data centers planned with us.

  • Whitespace made from steel, similar design to high bay storage
  • No cold and warm aisles necessary
  • No enclosures
  • Installation without double floors possible
  • Low ceiling: rack height + 1 m
  • Back-to-back set up of the racks

Construction perfected through modular architectural planning

Standardized construction and optimized project schedules reduce risk and investment costs in comparison to conventional data centers. Our projects are completed on time and with minimal material waste.


  • Use of prefabricated modules
  • Majority of construction takes place in a factory
  • Quick assembly on site
  • Optimized use of storage space on site
  • Shorter preparation period
  • Lower construction costs

General contractor ensures on-time delivery

Thanks to cutting-edge technical planning and perfected building schedules, the finished data center can be handed over punctually on the agreed-upon date. We consistently meet our customers’ functional needs without compromising quality, profitability, speed or efficiency.


  • One contact with full responsibility
  • Professional project management
  • Standardized, coordinated processes
  • No idle time during the project
  • Low total costs
  • On-schedule delivery

Low investment and operating costs

With the introduction of the Data Center Contracting concept, Nixdorf Data Centers prevents the usual shift from CapEX to OpEX. Flexible delivery models allow for individual, customer-oriented combinations of real estate, technical infrastructure and energy services.


  • Financing of building land, construction, and technical building equipment
  • Alleviation of balance
  • Full-service leasing with facility management
  • Energy services: power supply and cooling

References of technology

Green IT Cube Darmstadt

A data center for 12 MW IT on 6 floors, an extremely low PUE of lower than 1.07 and costs of 1,5 €/kW


The data center of the University of Frankfurt with 500 kW IT. It is operating since 2010 and has a PUE of 1.07


A data center with a very high availability, build for 4 MW IT and with a PUE of 1.15

University Heidelberg

The DC has a size of 1 MW IT and is operating since 2014

Max-Delbrück-Centrum Berlin

1 MW in a room of 140 sqm. Operating since 2015

Knauf Gips

A data center in a mountain. Cooling has been realized without artificial cooling source